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14 Mar 2021

Midfield Apron Development Works officially completed.

Sewage, rising mains and drainage works and piling works of contract No. P568 awarded by Airport Authority has officially commenced.

20 Sept 2021

Site handover and clearing commenced for 9/WSD/21.

Construction site of Contract No. 9/WSD/21 was handed over by Water Supplies Department. KKMREC has commenced site clearing process.

15 Sept 2021

Site Office for Contract 9/WSD/21 is coming to service.

Site Office of Water Supplies Department ('WSD') Contract No. 9/WSD/21 located in Sha Tin, designed and built for the 25 officers of WSD and KKMREC is coming to service in upcoming mid-October.

22 Aug 2021

KKMREC awarded waterworks contract at Shui Chuen O.

KKMREC awarded contract worth of HK$90 million, constructing salt water service reservoir, pumping house and related facilities at Shui Chuen O by Water Supplies Department.




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