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We don't just lay pipes and do waterworks. We also take good care of public facilities.

Civil works are part of our blood line. We convey our same passion of waterworks to carry out great facilities for Hong Kong's general public.

From vehicle speed bumps.

To the paving right underneath it.

Our scope of services cover a wide variety of public facilities such as vehicle speed bumps to heavy-duty reinforced concrete paving.

Main Contractor status.


Awarded the role of approved main contractor by the Home Affairs Department. We are dedicated to make public facilities more reliable and efficient.

Standards that were up to the challenge.

Achieving quality nice and slow.

Our production standards to all public facilities constructions were stringent and up to the government's benchmark.

Looking to improve welfare?

Let us help you out.




Equipment Rental

2021. Kin Kay Machinery Rental & Engineering Co., Limited

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