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Pipelines, drainage, waterworks.

These are some of our finest and most focused expertise.

We've got you covered.

We offer state-of-the-art expert solutions at the different stages of waterworks assignments.



Pipe connection

Service reservoir


Over the past 10 years, we have participated in over 30 large-scale drainage and waterworks projects, encompassing various authorities and public corporations.

Carefully designed and crafted chambers connecting the dots.

Along pipe laying constructions, we appoint tailored types of chambers connecting the labyrinth of pipelines network.

Pipelines of different types and specs. From the different parts of the world. 

To continuously accommodate different natures of constructions, we currently offer pipelines of the following materials:-

  • Ductile iron

  • Concrete

  • Un-plasticized PVC

  • Polyethylene

  • Cast iron

  • Mild steel

Depending on the type and specification of the pipeline, we source globally from the following countries:-

  • China

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • Germany

Most materials and origin of manufacture may cater the range from nominal diameter (DN) 25 to 2,000, depending on the nature and constraints of the location. We will attend to client's concerns regarding their project and allocate precisely the right products.

Site excavation works carried out with potent equipment and experience.

KKMREC owns and operates some of the finest construction equipment on the market, eliminating any unnecessary equipment rental lead time, and in parallel making time lapse more worthy.

We offer the following range of available equipment:-

  • Excavators

  • All-terrain and rough-terrain cranes

  • Truck cranes

Working out

the traffic.

We will work out all preparation such as traffic marshaling and traffic management before the construction commences.


work site.

We begin to outline the working area according to requirements and start excavating with specialty equipment.

Laying down


Before we can lay down pipelines, first we have to establish a firm and solid foundation atop the soil.

Calibrate and

adjust pipes.

Right now we can distribute, place, adjust and calibrate pipelines according to client's program.

Tests and


When things are about to wrap up, we perform serious testings to ensure pipelines are intact and ready to use.

Need help with waterworks?

Let us help you out.





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