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Junior Technician

Current vacancy: 2


Junior Technician is a position belonging to the Project Department and is responsible to execute tasks given by Site Engineers and Project Managers; carry out preliminary schematics, researches, photoshooting, analytics of designs, case studies, technical drawings, and operate basic modelling tools, and any other matters which may be conceived as part of the task for this position as evaluated by Site Engineers and Project Managers. This position is suitable for candidates who recently graduated in related fields and seeking for experience gaining. Successful candidates will be recruited with a half year or one year contract and upon his/her decision to continue as Site Engineer after termination of contract.

Academic Requirement

Junior Technician should be graduates with higher diplomas or bachelor's degree focusing in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, or any other construction geology-related courses. This position is only open to recent graduates of no more than three months from graduation.

Experience Requirement

No experience is required.


All positions within KKMREC are clearly addressed with a proper payscale. Junior Technicians are marked as Payscale 6 and are eligible for the following remuneration items:-

1. Payscale 6 - HK$10,150.00 to HK$11,675.00,

2. Corporate bonus (if applicable,)

3. Compound compensation every last month annually (if applicable;) and

4. Corporate insurance.


KKMREC strictly enforce open office policy and ensures all staffs are satisfied with their benefits as corresponding to their nature. We continuously evaluate our benefits package for rooms of improvements. Junior Technicians are eligible for the following in-house benefits:-

1. Transportation allowance (up to HK$500.00,)

2. Catering allowance (particular circumstances,)

3. Statutory holidays,

4. Statutory pregnancy retreat,

5. Annual retreat,

6. Birthday retreat,

7. Monthly menstruation retreat (female staffs only;) and

8. Continuing education opportunities.


Junior Technicians should be able to converse in English and Cantonese.


Anyone who falls into the requirement criteria listed above may apply for this vacancy.


We are an employer of equal opportunities and we continue to strictly enforce this policy. We sincerely welcome candidates who are in rehabilitation, not locally born and/or minorities, or any other person which are listed as lawfully protected in the anti-discrimination ordinance.


Hong Kong office.

Interested Candidates

Candidates who falls into the requirement criteria listed above showing interest in the vacancy may apply by emailing us for our consideration. We will ask you for more details if required. Please clearly indicate your availability. Interviews may be required before a successful employment opportunity. We may host interviews in groups of no more than three people. Candidates should be able to produce the following documents if asked:-


1. Photocopy of your HKID or passport,

2. Your resume,

3. Photocopy of your graduation certificate(s) or diploma(s;) and

4. Recent passport-regulated photo of you.

Updated August 9, 2021

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